Catwoman, schmatwoman…

I’ve not had any burning desire to see Catwoman, but now, after reviews like this, I know that I should instead waste my money on the video game or something if I find that I need a Halle fix, (which I’ve never needed in the past and doubt one is on the horizon). At least there I could control some aspects of the action, rather than being subjected to what sounds like a very shaky, poorly written and boring music video.

It sounds almost like the comic book world’s Showgirls, which I must say is a guilty gigglefest for me. Gina Gershon makes the abdominal pain worth it, but overall, Showgirls wasn’t worth more than an opening spot for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But, I digress. Have a look at the CNN review for Catwoman… it’s funny.

Oh- if you’ve never wandered this way, Fucked Company is one of the most worthwhile workforce barometer websites out there. I don’t remember which one of us found it first, but Anthony, (a former coworker), and I had hours of entertainment from this site in conjunction with the NYSE. You can actually hear a sucking sound from our economy if you sit still and listen… I mention the site today because of a brilliant internal memo published on there… I work in Direct Mail and jobs for MCI now and then. In fact, they were a huge part of our workload for a while… soooooo… this internal memo made me snicker, knowing that MCI has trouble in their print division too. All hearsay, but entertaining to me nonetheless. Enjoy the thinly veiled threats in the internal memo… Remember kitties, you are all replaceable and expendable. Have a nice day. (And stop taking ball point pens home.)

Today’s advice for the masses: update your r?©sum?©. really.

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