A little complaint about Facebook

Through monitoring RSS and Twitter, I’ve noticed several groups shifting away from open information websites and moving social operations to within Facebook pages.

You will get no further with Facebook without being logged into Facebook. This is frustrating.

Let’s get one thing straight: Facebook is not social. It is an UNsocial network based on cliques. Not a single page of Facebook is visible to the ‘outsider’ without setting up a Facebook account. If adopted as the hub for ‘meatspace’ social meetup groups, this migration of communication will certainly hurt attendance. The simple act of stumbling onto information is lost if one must log in to a secure network to see it. Seems like a frightening revival of secret handshakes to me.

Ian Forrester announced via his Twitter account that he had set up a London Geek Dinners Facebook group. I did a search for it within Facebook- I could not find it. I broadened the search to just geek dinner. Nothing relevant. Not even the London Girl Geek Dinner Facebook group shows up with those search terms.* I certainly hope those events (and others like it) don’t drop their non-Facebook public announcements and site updates in favour of Facebook ‘friend’ interaction. After not finding the above groups using simple search terms, I fear that even active Facebook members will have difficulties in knowing what’s happening or available.

I’m not anti-Facebook – I’m sure it’s useful to someone out there – but I am concerned about the migration of groups adopting it for organising and/or discussing events as well as the closed-door casual interaction of the group’s supporters. My RSS is full of people moving this way and it seems as though if you don’t join the ‘hot-social-trend-of-the-moment’ herd, you’re left in the cold. I cannot see how this is social, inviting, or inclusive.

Note: I did set up a Facebook account a week or so ago but I’m actually considering deleting the profile because I find the clubhouse tactics are irritating me more than I should allow.

* I did find the Girl Geek group with the terms london geek, but still not London Geek Dinners. If it’s a matter of waiting for the indexing to occur, fair enough, but the basic problem of information accessibility remains.

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7 thoughts on “A little complaint about Facebook”

  1. Google will buy-up Facebook and shut them down – I’d drink to that. I can only imagine how they are chewing on their pacifiers trying to cope with the prospect of all this inaccessible, walled-in data they cannot index or insert advertising around.

  2. @Neil Ford: That’s a bit crappy and I fail to see the point of it. I can see the page though. (But only because I haven’t deactivated my account yet…)

    I’ll continue to use the London Geek Dinner website and their sign up page on Upcoming but looks like Facebook is a no go for me.

    I am thinking about travelling into London for tomorrow night’s meetup‚Äö?Ñ?Æ I think I’ll have some questions to ask. 🙂

  3. Nope I made it open from the start

    * This group is open.

    Anyone can join and invite others to join. Anyone can see the group information, the discussion board, the wall, and photos.

  4. @Ian: That’s cool‚Äö?Ñ?Ƭ¨‚Ćit’s just a shame it’s still behind the very closed doors of Facebook. 🙁

    I really couldn’t find it with basic search terms. I can’t imagine how that’s going to help the group…

    Good luck with it though. 🙂

  5. I just had a very rough experience on facebook.. I am 17, have been homeschooled all my life, but i graduated a year early. My boyfriend (who is 21) signed up to facebook, and i did the same. My problem started when i couldn’t ‘associate’ myself with a highschool… when i e-mailed Jordan,Customer Support Representative, he was very rude, and would not answer my Question. He made me feel like i was not welcome, and guess, what, it turns out unless i’m over 18 (therefore i could lie about my age, but i want on there legally!) or unless i’m still in school and go to public school, i’m not welcome! I told him 2 times i have graduated, i explained that i took my school courses thru a school based out of Florida. I then asked if i could be linked with that school to allow me to be on. He then informed me that as i was out of school, but under 18, i couldn’t be linked with any school. That is just a load of nonsense!!!! How can i be under 18, graduated, but still in school.. I dont expect them to bend the rules just for me, but i would have expected them to have tried to do something for me. All i got instead was a brick wall talking back to me. I didn’t appriciate it, and i dont plan to recommend facebook to anyone else.. Homeschooling is a very big thing in today’s society, they should make that an option. But as always, we are shunned for not being ‘normal’. Facebook, i’m very disappointed, and very upset.

  6. Yeah I find that trying to find information such as friends. Now you ask people if they have facebook and you get their full name down and I always make sure that I have spelled it right. So you go to browse for friends and type in their full name, either it says no results or what has been happening a lot is matches show up and there are at least 500 or more. So to find a friend i have to look through 500+ people. What sometimes helps is putting in their first name and last initial which limits down the search but not by much. And the odd time i still don’t even find them and are absolutely sure they have an account (best friends and family). So I guess this also supports the accusation that Facebook is deleting profiles, (which I read on some other sites earlier).
    Briana that is very unfortunate about the home-school thing and not being able to join. They should have at least tried to accomodate you and not act like such pricks.
    I stongly reccomend that they update their website with an option to have seperate sections for eg. friends, and then co-workers/family.
    And another thing it says to try and find Co-workers so I type in Tim Hortons which is a massive company I was met again with sorry, no search results. I had to find all my co-workers by looking at friends I already had which again took up a lot of time and still haven’t found them all. Really peeved off….

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