OK, maybe I do have something against Facebook

I’m sure bits of this are alarmist, but even the minor data mining is a little spooky.

Really considering deleting my account with Facebook now.

(Credit for finding this clip goes to GD.)

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8 thoughts on “OK, maybe I do have something against Facebook”

  1. That clip is scarey as Hell. It like reading a sci-fi novel about some of the steps to take to end all privacy–and how easy it is. I keep my trips above the radar as limited as possible, but I’m sure “they” know more about me than I’d like.

  2. @Mom: Yeah, it’s interesting how easy it is to lure people into a trust situation. I may not have anything to hide from the government or my bank or anyone else of authority, but I sure as hell don’t want my personal data bought and sold to the highest bidders. That’s where it goes wrong for me.

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