Worlds apart

J: Why are we listening to a choir?
* pauses and recognises *

J: Oh wait, this is Welsh choir right?

N: * smiling * This still stirs up something deep, emotional, and patriotic for me when I hear it.

J: Yeah, I suppose I get that way when I hear Skynyrd.

N: Different heritage…

J: Yup.

Minutes later, he put on Iron Maiden. I think we just closed some of the gap…

8 thoughts on “Worlds apart”

  1. Dude, play….Argh, can’t even force myself to write it.
    Actually I’ve always been meaning to ask, but it never seemed appropriat.
    Does Neil sing?
    I know the welsh choirs pretty much dominate the major comps. every year.
    From an outsiders perspective it almost seems like a rite of passage in wales.

  2. I’ll finish it for you… “… some Skynyrd!”

    Although he would disagree, I think he has a lovely voice. He doesn’t sing much though- not anything that most humans would consider a ‘normal’ song anyway. We sing lots of silly, made-up songs everyday, but he has yet to break into anything traditional. (Though I have a recording of him singing and playing guitar that is just beautiful!)

    The Welsh are a vocally talented people in general, certainly. You could also say Rugby is a bit of a Welsh rite of passage too. Neil, like every other Welsh boy, played a bit of it growing up.

  3. Ok, breaking my own rules here. (never post while under the influence…yeah my spelling will suck)
    With all of the visual art you two do, I think video would be a natural progression.
    I’m thinking a very animated mime silently singing his heart out in the ever shrinking box. Of course an explosive death should follow with full sound.
    Kind of like the “Wizard of Oz” going from grey scale to full color once over the rainbow.
    Just sayin.

  4. Don’t you dare promise any such thing. šŸ˜€

    I’ve done my fair share of posting places whilst imbibing and you gave me a fantastic visual with the exploding and black and white to colour!

    Carry on, sir. x

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