Feeling a new calm

Spring cleaning doesn’t have to relate to tasks around the house alone, no,
you can – and should – apply the ritual to computer maintenance too.

I just went from what looked like a tiny rainbow-coloured row of peas down the side of my screen to this.
– Finder
Overflow, organised into sections based on use
Plainclip, because it’s too damn handy
– Downloads folder
– Trash

It’s a thing of beauty.

I feel calm now.

Next stop: cleaning the rubbish pile of links and drag-offs from my desktop, sorting my downloads folder, and organising the Inbox in DEVONthink. Not today, though. Only so much radical change at once, please, or else I’ll have to go lie down.

One thought on “Feeling a new calm”

  1. We have spookily similar dock layouts…

    Gawp at my minimal dock

    Also, if you want to flatten most text without having to use Plainclip (I use Coda for the exact same thing), then Shift+Alt+Cmd+V plays nice for most OS X text apps…that inserts the text in the target style rather than pure plain text, technically speaking, but I guess that’s just about the same thing.

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