Find your user library folder in OS X Lion

This may be helpful to those of you who can’t find your user Library folder in Lion.

For some reason, Apple has hidden it. Not sure why, but if you need to delete preference files, caches, or application support files, you’ll need access to your Library.

Go to the Finder and click Shift-Command-G to bring up the Go to Folder action. In the resulting Finder window is a search box under Go to the folder:
and click Go.

Don’t want to do this every time you need your user Library folder? Me neither, so I dragged the Library folder icon from the top of the resulting window to the Favorites section of the left side Finder panel. Now I have a one-click shortcut to my Library.

Why’d you do it Apple? We’re big kids and can handle our own Libraries…

UPDATE: As pointed out by Martin Žufánek on Facebook, you can also make a simple change in Terminal if you’re comfortable with it:
You can also open Terminal and type following: “chflags nohidden ~/Library/” (without quotes) Hidden attribute is gone and Library visible like in previous OSX.

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