A gentle walk in the country

Well, not exactly…

Living by the sea gives us a great environment for fitness. We’ve got hills, valleys, paths, and nearly unlimited routes to plan or devise on the fly. The elevations here provide a perfect challenge for leg and bum muscles, not to mention a lung and heart workout.

Pete and I have been walking partners since he moved to North Cornwall. Before that, he was walking his way to a healthier being around Abingdon. I’d been interested in walking, but honestly lacked the motivation without a partner. I need the early morning texts between us to get out there. Nothing is more detrimental to a workout than the draw of the duvet on a cold, rainy, windy December morning when I’m supposed to be trudging muddy roads with the coastal wind blasting my lips blue. Having a buddy makes all the difference, and today Pete pushed me a little harder. I’m glad he did, for the photo below will show I broke all but one personal record this morning.


Yes, you’re reading that right- we have some serious elevation here. Our beach is just above sea level and we live very near a place called High Cliff. It’s wonderful.

Next up, I want to walk ten miles and increase my speed/pace. I’ll do it. I’m going to do it before the end of December.
Here me roar.

UPDATE: The crazy time per mile in the photo is incorrect. Aaron pointed out that I was insanely good with a time like that and so I did some digging… Yeah, one walk was not recorded correctly and so I’ve gone in after the fact and edited it in Runkeeper. I am not a walker with super-human powers. 😉