The old man on the wall

Pete’s got a critter in the walls of his house. We know there’s a mouse in the lower, interior wall near a pantry cupboard, but this new scratching and scurrying was up high, inside an exterior wall. We’re pretty sure it’s a squeaking little bird, and are formulating a plan of eviction action.

But that has nothing to do with the title of this post. The critter did trigger my walk over to Pete’s to listen to the wood panelling in his kitchen, which took me past a bus stop in front of a neighbour’s house. It’s mostly old folks who use the rural bus system and a few sit on the wall outside Vera’s place. One white-bearded old man with a cane stopped chatting to his old lady companion, noticed me, and said good morning. He had only just beat me to a greeting as I was smiling and returning the sentiment right away. He then said, “You’re bright and breezy this morning.” To which I responded, “It’s a beautiful morning in Cornwall!” (Most people who know me know that I do have a particular walk – call it confident or happy, I’m not sure, it’s just my way.)

I was passing the old man and woman from my side of the road and whilst gently rocking his cane, he continued, “I used to have a walk like that when I was younger and someone said they envied me. I envy you.”
I thanked him, and with my typical sprung step, carried on to Pete’s house.

Thank you, old man on the wall. That was just what I needed to hear.

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