Yesterday got kinda awesome

It was a tough start to the day, I had tears, headaches, and felt lost. Then I got a call… Well, Pete got the call because I’d given my new number, but then he called me and said, “Great news!” and so within a few minutes I was ringing an exhibition space. I can’t go into details yet – not till I sign the contract – but I’ve had a meeting with a curator regarding putting together a large, three-week long, solo exhibition of my work. We’ve had the handshake and a contract is on the way. This exhibition of my art will happen between April and May of 2015.

Needless to say, I was feeling better after having peanut butter and jam, but this took me to the clouds. I first pursued the gallery space back in January and was told that August was when the next year of bookings take place; I was told to contact again then. So I did. I emailed and they got back to me right away. They have said they really like my work.

Between January and now I’ve been working really hard on my career. The new website is up and looking great, I became represented by galleries in Marazion and St Ives (that happened in April), and I have had better direct sales than ever before. This exhibition is really the next logical career step and I am thrilled that the work I’m putting into my career is gaining momentum and showing returns.

I don’t make enough money to make a living yet, but I’m on my way. I’m downsizing my studios, living space, and other general spending out of necessity, but the enforced frugality is coming at a good time for my business focus. I aim to trim fat away wherever I can, maximise my earnings, and be able to make this path of mine successful. I may be back to the ramen noodle budget from twenty years ago, but everything else with my work seems to be falling into place.
Fortunately, I like ramen.

3 thoughts on “Yesterday got kinda awesome”

  1. It’s gonna be AMAZING. The space is so big 😀
    The weeks I’m on are very good too… will get both casual visitors as well as holidaymakers. (It’s in a tourist destination, so prime!)

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