Ups, downs, and all arounds

I’m looking out the window at a blue sky as I write this. My previous post talked about happy skies too, and dang, I can’t get enough of them. Life has been somewhat challenging lately. Art sales are slow, the gallery I was represented by was having trouble selling -any- art, not just mine, so I pulled my work from them. I’m nearing a reboot of my own art sales site, but there’s still much work to be done.

Solo exhibition planning and prep has been going well, and I’ve just helped a fellow artist install her exhibition. I learned a lot about the hanging rail system, the track lighting and spots, the general operation aspects of the gallery. I’m very prepared and it feels great. I’ll be sending out invitations to collectors, friends, family, and galleries at the end of this month.

In quite separate news, I’ve taken a break from Facebook. Since the beginning of the year – only two months now – I have been contacted over twenty times through comments and messages by someone I’m not responding to. I haven’t counted the “likes,” but there’s a lot of those as well. I have screenshots of the comments, which, on the surface are friendly, but I’m experiencing severe anxiety every time I open the app/site and it is horrible. I haven’t ever blocked a person there but I feel it may be my only option now, and it’s only a fondness and loyalty to a shared several years in the past that has prevented my doing it.

The whole situation makes me feel ill. I’m aware this blog post will be automatically linked to in my profile page there, but this situation has driven me away from Facebook and that’s wrong. I’m not sure when I’ll return… (I have apps that automatically cross-post to FB, so you’ll still see some activity from me there, though I won’t be seeing comments or messages in return.)

Back to the good stuff: the blue skies are still above me and I’m looking forward to a trip down to the beach a little later. My friend Pete and I do a regular beach clean on weekends and it’s even more marvellous when the sun is shining. We recently found shark eggs along the strand line and I had the opportunity to report the find to Shark Trust for their database. I’ll write a separate post about this, as it is pretty interesting and I’ve got photos to show too. Who knew (some) sharks lay eggs? Weird and wonderful.

In the meantime, I’m off to do some more work in the studio before lunch.
Be good to each other.

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