Asking for help is a brave thing

Hello there. I’m about to ask for your help with something. Doing this does not come naturally to me – quite the opposite. I like that I have the appearance of having my ducks in a row, can take care of myself, and all that strong individual type stuff, but the truth is, I need a little help right now. This is me being brave and asking.

I’ve put together a crowdfunder campaign to upgrade a major part of my studio: my easel. As I mention on the fundraiser, I make BIG art on BIG canvases and the easels I have are not always able to hold my work. Please help me get the right tool for my job.

I have some unique rewards for pledgers and hope that if you like the art I create, you might consider a contribution to show your support.

Thank you. x

Jen Dixon on

One thought on “Asking for help is a brave thing”

  1. Well done that lady! So proud of you ;). Wishing you every success ( then don’t be afraid to do it again! Xx

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