We clean our beach

Photo by Pete Cooper
Photo by Pete Cooper

The seed was planted in our brains a few years ago after seeing The Wrecking Season documentary on Nick Darke. Stuff from all over the world washes up on our beaches, and so after spending a few years gathering lengths of rope, pallets, net, and driftwood, the logical shift to beach cleaning litter happened.

There’s a campaign called #2minutebeachclean headed by beach advocate extraordinaire, Martin Dorey. The idea being that if everyone who visits a beach takes just two minutes to pick up some junk that doesn’t belong there, the world will be a better place. It couldn’t be easier, really.

Pete and I started doing beach cleans – rain or shine – as an excuse to get out of the house, get fresh air and lift our spirits in a depression-heavy winter. Our first two minutes lasted closer to forty, and every clean since is pretty much the same. We recycle the tough, plastic bags our wood stove fuel arrives in, head to the beach, and walk all over scanning for bits of rubbish. It’s good for our health, good for our beach, and very good for a couple of people with well-known Attention Deficit issues.

You needn’t spend forty minutes combing the beaches as we do, but next time you do visit the shore, take two minutes and put a few bits in a bin. It makes a difference. Thank you.