Thoughts on a difficult time

Had a very nice pay check today (from my art video tuition efforts), celebrated with a little prosecco with Pete Cooper, and will be measuring up some rooms in the house we’re moving into in a matter of weeks. Overall, a pretty positive day.
However, the world is in a terrible state, and I honestly can only handle so much, but I’m trying to focus on these little things that make my life feel like it means something or is moving towards something good. It’s so easy to feel overstretched, overstressed, and helpless when the world is screaming for help, but we can’t forget a little self-nurturing.

Stay strong to help yourself, then you can help others. If your gas tank is empty, you can’t go, you can’t give. I am terrible for running on fumes and never seem to learn before making myself ill. It can be hard to say no when people ask you for a yes. And the queue of people/causes asking for a yes is endless.

The world is unjust and pleading for help, but try to make sure you’re strong enough to carry yourself, before you offer to carry another.

I am not in a good place in my mental health lately, but I have done a few things recently to strengthen me – my core – so that I can keep getting up in the morning. Sometimes facing the day is enough. Tomorrow is new. Get up. Do you. You are not selfish for trying to get strong before helping another. It’s damn hard to self-care, but necessary. NECESSARY. And damn anyone who calls you selfish for it.

Be good to yourselves. Drink the prosecco. Take the nap. Say no to the thing you can’t do/afford/face. Say yes and thank you if offered help.

I have a tattoo on my arm that I see every day, no matter if I’m feeling good, bad, or even in a low place where I self-harm, “To thine own self be true.” And you must. In all definitions of those Shakespearian words, you must be true to yourself. My scars (and fresh wounds) below it are part my struggle, but honest. I’m honest, not proud. Weak but strengthening after tough times. My other arm has the latin words for “scars and stories,” so there’s that…

This is me advising myself as much as I’m telling it to you, because I need to hear it too. I need to write it all out. Give it structure. Voice.
Heal you, then you can heal others. We can do this.
Namaste. x

One thought on “Thoughts on a difficult time”

  1. Thank you for sharing Jen! You always are so honest and I know that is a vulnerable place to be but I admire it so so much!
    Keep being you ! Keep getting up and fighting that fight and know that even on your darkest day I am here a little sparkly unicorn in the corner your own personal cheerleader beconing you back! You take your time , you say yes and no to what you need and know that you make a difference to me and I am grateful to the world for knowing you xx love and laughter Jessie x

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