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I'm jEN and I was born poor in the midwest of America more than three decades ago. I'm a vegetarian. I'm am artist. I'm a Macintosh geek and make my living with them. I believe that the Golden Rule is the only religion that the world needs. I love a freakishly broad range of music. I love movies. I volunteer. I love animals. I have many meaningful tattoos. I need to see the world and it's ancient treasures- just haven't gotten to it yet. I kicked cancer's ass. I have a passion and a lust for life. I'm holding a smooch just for you. Welcome and enjoy your stay. jEN

Tuesday Gruntings

Good Tuesday to you, and remember: Ninapenda wewe means “I love you” in Swahili…

The Problem With Music

This article is brilliant.
Courtney Love has a similarly themed article out there… but she’s not really high on my respectable list.
Steve Albini is a god.

On to other matters…
I’m in touch with a fab friend from my past. He’s doing quite well for himself it seems and I’m going to plug him right here…
Darkside Films
I went to school with Dave Kann and Dave Buscemi. We all attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and received Industrial Design Degrees. Part of our education was in the area of special fx. I remember the hunger these two had for making movies. I always admired it and hoped they’d make it in the biz. I did a little photoshoot with them when I was maybe 19 or so- damn fun and want to work with them more. A buddy from that period in my timeline mentioned that he had grapevine info pointing to the aforementioned photos being up on a website by the Daves. Also noted that they were making some movies… so a Googling I went. Holy shitzo! They are making movies! Check out their trailers, (get the big ones if you’re broadband), and marvel! I’m so proud of them!
So I fired off an email to Dave Kann and hoped for an acknowledgement… Did I get one! I threw him my blog links and he’s been a busy boy on those and my dotmac* site. I offered to work with him again, should he want, and got a posi result. Who knows, kitties… maybe he’ll use me in a picture! (I would be honoured and thrilled!) I’ll of course, not get my hopes up too high, but I’ve always wanted to act and to do more photography work… We’ll see where the wind blows it my friends… we’ll see.

I promise to get a respectable looking blog up here soon. My goal is this week. I also have some other poop to get done which trumps in priority, but I think I’ll manage.

Until next we smooch… (and no more smooches for you until you go to Darkside Films! ;P )

Current mood: filled with possibility
Current music: a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk emanating from the next department. It’s Dio… argh… even when they were popular I could barely stomach them. I think I’m Dio-tose intolerant…

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

Catwoman, schmatwoman…

I’ve not had any burning desire to see Catwoman, but now, after reviews like this, I know that I should instead waste my money on the video game or something if I find that I need a Halle fix, (which I’ve never needed in the past and doubt one is on the horizon). At least there I could control some aspects of the action, rather than being subjected to what sounds like a very shaky, poorly written and boring music video.

It sounds almost like the comic book world’s Showgirls, which I must say is a guilty gigglefest for me. Gina Gershon makes the abdominal pain worth it, but overall, Showgirls wasn’t worth more than an opening spot for the Rocky Horror Picture Show. But, I digress. Have a look at the CNN review for Catwoman… it’s funny.

Oh- if you’ve never wandered this way, Fucked Company is one of the most worthwhile workforce barometer websites out there. I don’t remember which one of us found it first, but Anthony, (a former coworker), and I had hours of entertainment from this site in conjunction with the NYSE. You can actually hear a sucking sound from our economy if you sit still and listen… I mention the site today because of a brilliant internal memo published on there… I work in Direct Mail and jobs for MCI now and then. In fact, they were a huge part of our workload for a while… soooooo… this internal memo made me snicker, knowing that MCI has trouble in their print division too. All hearsay, but entertaining to me nonetheless. Enjoy the thinly veiled threats in the internal memo… Remember kitties, you are all replaceable and expendable. Have a nice day. (And stop taking ball point pens home.)

Today’s advice for the masses: update your r?©sum?©. really.

jEN’s Daily Jam: Snow Patrol, Kerrang! internet radio, and Queens of the Stone Age.
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freaky freak…

Hello guys and dolls-

It’s time for yet another pants-wetting instalment of my blog. How you soil yourself is none of my concern, nor do I want the details…

As you know, I’m exiting a rather lengthy relationship. The reorganisation of threads once knotted is running fairly smoothly and an appointment with the folks that do the paperwork on such matters will occur tomorrow afternoon. I like the ball rolling. I believe he does too. It’s really a friendly divorce- nothing of note in the way of fights, possessives, or snippityness… it’s so far a pleasant experience if you’ve got to have it done. No divorce is enjoyable- Gee, take 10 years, live and love and come out of the tunnel saying, “shit- that wasn’t what I thought it’d be…” So, a keen effort- no- more like an exercise in will and longevity was had. We both won and we both lost. So it goes. Put your bits back into the Yahtzee can of life and shake it out again someplace else.

I think the strangest thing I’ve encountered thus far in the transition to ‘single’ is the personal space angle. He’s moved upstairs, I’ve remained downstairs. This works out pretty well most of the time, but my Mac and other office bits are in the living room… the ‘common’ area. This, I find, causes me distress. I like my time alone there so when he sits down in the living room, which should be neutral as Switzerland in the house, I find my comfort boundaries invaded. I feel stress. I still love this fella as a friend and such… don’t be stupid… but- after you’ve made the step towards separation, and still find that person still in your immediate radar- well, it’s not comfortable no matter how good the terms of divorce are. It’s nature. Nature will always win in a game of chicken or chance. Nature has cruel and interesting ways of fucking with you. I believe he feels a similar pressure… there is a tactile chill in the room when he attempts to settle in for some tv or to snarf down a snack. That whore of emotional unrest, Nature, is busy at work in those moments. I can’t explain it properly perhaps, but at least you are still reading. *smile*

I bought more items for my adventure in the fall. I’ve grabbed some clothing off the sale racks and am looking at my luggage requirements. I’ve never flown overseas but am actually not stressed about it. I’m unbelievably thrilled, as a matter of fact. The only thing that gives me a tiny vibration of reservation is that I’ll be flying near elections here in the states. I doubt anything will happen, and I’ll likely have to travel nearly nude due to increased security in those sensitive days prior to Bush getting his last chance at stealing souvenirs from his illegitimate stay at the Whitehouse. I feel pretty confident that all that is meant to be well will be. No problemo kids. regularjen will post from o’er the pond as soon as she lands… and finds a broadband connection to weasel in on… *wink*
I hear that I’ve got a date to a Ross Noble gig to look forward to when I arrive- I am sooo excited about that! He’s a damn funny man…
England here I come…

Other items of note, (or not), I got the latest Keane CD. “Hopes and Fears.” I dig it. That’s my review…

Oh- and my injuries from the motorcycle ‘crash’ are healing in freakishly speedy time. It’s welcome as I feel like a bowl of gelatin-based dessert from my modified yoga routine. Yoga is damn tough if you can’t bend your knees! It’s all coming back though… I’m getting the bendy bits back…

smooches of calliope jubilance-