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There are times when, after Neil and I have a conversation, I run out of the room — to blog it. Enjoy the silliness.

more than a common language divided by the Atlantic

J- “I should’ve come over here as an au pair. Room, board, learn language…”

N- “I think you have to be non-English speaking.”

J- “Yeah, but I could’ve learned things like Chuck’s your uncle and spotted dick.

N- (after a brief pause and giving me ‘the eyebrow’) “Bob’s your uncle…”

J- “Same thing.”

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Deep conversation

J- “How’s your nose?” (he had just finished with the nose hair trimmers)
N- “Hurty.”
J- “Being a dude ain’t easy is it?”
N- “Yeah, you have to rely on someone else for boobies too.”
J- “That’s not strictly true…”
N- “Yeah but man-boobs aren’t as sexy.”
J- “That’s the understatement of the year…”

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