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There are times when, after Neil and I have a conversation, I run out of the room — to blog it. Enjoy the silliness.

It ain’t easy having pals

I’m the one in blue bubbles.

We had already chatted about a half hour earlier and decided that – given we both had not-so-great sleep – we would put off our morning walk till who knows when.

Then I caved to what I can only guess is some sort of athletics-based insanity.

The title of this post comes from a line in a guilty pleasure movie favourite of mine. Gold star to anyone who can place it. 😉

Worlds apart

J: Why are we listening to a choir?
* pauses and recognises *

J: Oh wait, this is Welsh choir right?

N: * smiling * This still stirs up something deep, emotional, and patriotic for me when I hear it.

J: Yeah, I suppose I get that way when I hear Skynyrd.

N: Different heritage…

J: Yup.

Minutes later, he put on Iron Maiden. I think we just closed some of the gap…

Uranium, urschranium

It’s a rare individual that doesn’t react in some sort of wide-eyed wonder at something spectacularly glow-in-the-dark, so when I found Uranium Glass on ebay I was totally ready to bid my little heart out and then search for blacklights from other sellers.

This is how the conversation in the flat just went down:
(I tweeted it, but it’s worth repeating I think.)

regularjen “I’d rather you didn’t have radioactive things in the house.” is what @ndixon just told me regarding my new need for uranium glass…
2 minutes ago from web

regularjen My answer, of course, is “Yeah, but IT GLOWS IN THE DARK!” And hey, I’ve had cancer once… a little bit of uranium doesn’t scare me… 😛
less than 5 seconds ago from web

Yeah, I know. He reminded me that the only way to make things glow-in-the-dark in the 1800’s was to make them a wee bit radioactive. So, like any sensible (and stubborn) person in love with something ridiculous would do, I did a Google search.

Is uranium glass safe? I asked the mighty search engine.

I am often asked “is uranium glass safe?” The short answer is “probably yes” but it needs qualification. […] In terms of absolute safety there may be some very small risk. It is not possible to be sure because scientists are not unanimous about the effects of radiation at very low levels. Some, and it is the official view, say that with all radiation there is a risk of biological damage, which could lead to a cancer. A minority take a different view and point to a substantial amount of evidence, which suggests that a very low dose of radiation may have net beneficial health effects.

That’s from The Glass Association.

I suppose if they can’t tell me with certainty, then I should probably delete the really amazing stuff I’m watching on ebay… * sigh *