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There are times when, after Neil and I have a conversation, I run out of the room — to blog it. Enjoy the silliness.

He’s all mine, ladies.

Neil just walked up to my open office door, held a cycling glove out, then lightly slapped himself on the cheek.
“I challenge myself to a duel!”

Mmmhmm. All mine.
He’s not even senile yet. 😉

Last night before bed

N: “I thought Telly Savalas was named that because he was on telly.”

J: “What, like there’d also be a Radio Savalas, or a CB Savalas?”

N: “Well, I was seven or so…”

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I love cheese, but not THAT much

On the balcony, eating a snack of fresh tomatoes and soft mozzarella cheese.

J- ‘Mmmm. Man, there is something special about tomatoes and mozzarella. This will be even better when our own tomatoes come up from the garden.’

N- ‘Fresh basil would be nice on this too, we should grow some again this year.’

J- ‘Oh my God- what if we could grow our own cheese?’

N- ‘We can… but we need-‘

J- ‘a cow, or a goat-‘

N- ‘or a sheep.’

J- ‘Or a lactating mum.’

Neil looks a bit disgusted.

J- ‘Oh come on. You know there’s some eccentric rich fucker in Russia that eats human breast milk cheese on his salads. You know it’s got to be true.’

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