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Featured artist interview today

Hey look! It’s me! 🙂
(I wish my mom could see this, see how far I’ve come.)
Jen Dixon on The Palette Pages

I’d be honoured if you’d have a read of the interview with me on The Palette Pages, a new site with a really incredible collection of painters. Great stuff and I’m thrilled to be in such good company.

Making tasty things

I did a product review for a water distiller a few weeks ago. I’ve now started using it to fulfil a lifelong desire to make moonshine. Above are a few of the bottles I’ve made so far for our cabinet of tipples.

I say “lifelong” because I remember being a kid watching M*A*S*H on tv and thinking Hawkeye was so damn cool having a still in his tent. I didn’t even know anything about booze, only that they were doing hillbilly science to help them cope with the war in Korea. I had an Easy Bake oven. I had a chemistry set that my parents neutered by taking all the “bang” bottles out, leaving me to look at slides of bug wings. My friend Tonya and I used to make “cosmetics” and “perfumes” out of leftovers from our mothers’ makeup cases and the berries off the bushes in front of my house. I was destined to be a home brewer. Now I’m a moonshiner. This is a natural progression, if you ask me.

Before you get concerned about me broadcasting my clandestine beverages, they are perfectly legal for home consumption. Even though I could power a rocket with the stuff I distil initially, they are legal here. I just can’t sell them or make big batches. But let me tell you, my own toffee vodka mixed with my own coffee liqueur is dreamy, especially on ice.

I’ve always been a do-it-myselfer, and this delicious chemistry is right up my alley. Cheers!

Sent out a newsletter

I’m so excited! I grew a pair of girl balls and did something that scared me: I put together a professional newsletter using MailChimp. It’s mostly for my life drawing group (a class I’ve been teaching since Spring 2011) but included a little bit of my art business news as well. I’ll eventually have a dedicated newsletter just for my art business, but for now, I’m thrilled with getting this one off the ground.

It’s funny- it’s just a little newsletter, but it takes everything I do to a ‘next’ level, professionally speaking. One of the things I have always struggled with as an artist is artist guilt. I feel that something I enjoy so much and that so many people do as a hobby shouldn’t be a job. Absurd thinking, I know, but it used to creep into my brain. I never took myself seriously because I didn’t believe anyone else would either. How wrong I was.

I decided to be a full-time artist a few years ago (got the business bank account and everything) but it’s only been in the past year that I’ve beaten artist guilt. I am good at what I do, I love what I do, and people appreciate what I do. It’s that simple, whether you’re an astronomer, builder, or artist. Like hell, I should feel guilty for being one of the fortunate ones who actually knows what she’s good at and loves it too.

Now, if I could just make a living… 😉

If you’d like to see my first newsletter, here’s a link.
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