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Sleepy head full of CSS…

You may have noticed a slight difference from the last blog look…

Yup, I told you awhile ago that I was attempting to learn some of the CSS and other guts of WordPress… Well that’s exactly what I’m doing. (I sorta didn’t get to it before today…)
I am pleased as a monkey covered in marmalade with the progress made today. I started with the default template, messed around with it, then snarked CSS from a couple of other sources for inspiration and direction.

The results do please me and I will plough forward with the new design.

The header graphic isn’t quite sorted yet, but will be hopefully, by the end of tomorrow.
There’s an ugly temporary link up there for now…
Oh- and it’s inconsistent between IE and Safari… go figure.

I’m falling asleep at the keyboard, so that means snoozy time kitties…

Oh- before I neglect to tell you: don’t forget to occasionally check out my dotmac* page… the link is in the upper right corner of this page. I’m always changing the pictures around and typically rotate what’s available for download.

Good night kitties-

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.

Tuesday Gruntings

Good Tuesday to you, and remember: Ninapenda wewe means “I love you” in Swahili…

The Problem With Music

This article is brilliant.
Courtney Love has a similarly themed article out there… but she’s not really high on my respectable list.
Steve Albini is a god.

On to other matters…
I’m in touch with a fab friend from my past. He’s doing quite well for himself it seems and I’m going to plug him right here…
Darkside Films
I went to school with Dave Kann and Dave Buscemi. We all attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and received Industrial Design Degrees. Part of our education was in the area of special fx. I remember the hunger these two had for making movies. I always admired it and hoped they’d make it in the biz. I did a little photoshoot with them when I was maybe 19 or so- damn fun and want to work with them more. A buddy from that period in my timeline mentioned that he had grapevine info pointing to the aforementioned photos being up on a website by the Daves. Also noted that they were making some movies… so a Googling I went. Holy shitzo! They are making movies! Check out their trailers, (get the big ones if you’re broadband), and marvel! I’m so proud of them!
So I fired off an email to Dave Kann and hoped for an acknowledgement… Did I get one! I threw him my blog links and he’s been a busy boy on those and my dotmac* site. I offered to work with him again, should he want, and got a posi result. Who knows, kitties… maybe he’ll use me in a picture! (I would be honoured and thrilled!) I’ll of course, not get my hopes up too high, but I’ve always wanted to act and to do more photography work… We’ll see where the wind blows it my friends… we’ll see.

I promise to get a respectable looking blog up here soon. My goal is this week. I also have some other poop to get done which trumps in priority, but I think I’ll manage.

Until next we smooch… (and no more smooches for you until you go to Darkside Films! ;P )

Current mood: filled with possibility
Current music: a solid food prepared from the pressed curd of milk emanating from the next department. It’s Dio… argh… even when they were popular I could barely stomach them. I think I’m Dio-tose intolerant…

*.Mac page ceased to exist 30, June 2009.