loss is freedom

“It’s only after you’ve lost everything that you’re free to do anything.”
-Tyler Durden
Fight Club (1999)

Hello kitties…
I’m learning some huge amounts of geeky stuff lately. I’m a complete novice to PHP, CSS, mySQL, and other boring looking stuff… It’s only not boring because of the capabilities I’ll gain and what I’ll be able to create.
Mostly, I’m a very graphical person. I like color. I like sparkly things. I like for something to reach up and seize my eyes- take them for a drive in the country, have a picnic, run through the hills until the best one for stargazing is chosen and then leave me with a shimmery blanket of imagery burned into my mind.
That ain’t what code looks like.
It’s sometimes in color, sometimes has a lovely ragged flow, and most of the time is in a language that even Vanna couldn’t spin a vowel for to make clarity a reality.

I’m learning to find beauty in it though. A shift in perspective. Perspective can trap you or free you. You just need to know which option is the one for you at the time. Follow your heart… stick with the boring or dry bits for a spell- they just may create new stars for you.

Love ya kitties.
smooches of golden horizons-

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… a good night in practice with Mike. Sang new stuff. Gonna do this more often!



And now for something completely different…

smooches to the world outside my window!

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