Some years ago, I was involved with Britcaster and the whole UK podcasting revolution. More of a sidelines person than a podcaster, I helped run forums, recorded bits and pieces for various podcasts, and even had a short-lived podcast with Neil.

Now I’m back in it, and this time my partner in audio is long-time podcaster and all-around wizard, Pete Cooper. We’re very talkative best friends and he’s now got a mic in front of me once a week for The Elephant of Surprise, a 30 – 60 minute chat over a bottle of cider or cup of tea.
The Elephant of Surprise podcast

Come along for a listen, will ya? Don’t be a stranger. (Family-friendly/work safe content.)
Thank you!

Pete and I shut down TEOS in December 2013, however, the episodes live on at archive.org. Thank you for listening. x

The Elephant of surprise archive at archive.org

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